venerdì 16 novembre 2012

Plik & Plok Records - Outback EP (Free Download)

"4 tracks, 4 artists, 4 situations. You just have to picture it. An early morning in the empty streets of Venice Beach with Summertime, a sunset reflected on the dusty skyscrappers downtown careless of all the bustle listening to Atlanta Skyline. Later that night, full-throttle on the highway, running away from something or pursued by some dirty cop, with Grand Prix as a soundtrack. And finally, a good bunga bunga with some random chick in a dubious gas station, using I saw you in a movie as a pick-up line."

 - Plik & Plok Records - Outback EP - Free Download
feat. The French Cupcake | Hot Hot Hawk | Moustache Machine | Phil Gerus

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