martedì 29 ottobre 2013

Paper Boat Vol.2
(Free Compilation by Horeazon)

It's always the same story. When a Label celebrates its birthday, fans receive the gift. And this time it went really well because the young Horeazon has put together some of the best producers out there. Not surprisingly many of them have already been here blogged here...

Paper Boat Vol.2 by Horeazon


1. Le Nonsense - Pride & Joy
2. Modulaire - Hipnotica
3. Tightshirt - Niplash
4. Albacore - Ugly Girls Keep Out
5. Umberto Lumber - Summer Touch
6. Venice Beach - Rad
7. Scutheotaku - Radio
8. B.L.O.N.D.E. - Our Sight
9. Vostok-1 - Mon Amour
10. Sebastian Carter - Klangbild
11. Led Levels - Safari (feat. Madan)

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