martedì 10 novembre 2015

Brazilian Disco Club Vol. 3

In the simplest manner, "There's no 2 without 3"! So for the third year in a row (check last year's edition) Brazilian Disco Club guys release a mindblowing compilation just to celebrate their birthday.
It features 20 #brandnew tunes from as many super-talented producers and -also- a very accurate track listing which easily bounces from genre to genre with incredible flow.
Great Job #BDC staff! See you next year ;)

Brazilian Disco Club Vol. 3 | feat:
Arcade Fighters, Rico, Club Soda, ^L, Rafael Hysper, Nascii, 
Palinoia, Morr, Kamei, DeltaFoxx, Real Deal, Seixlack, Rafahell, 
Ledhead & Play'Til, Mind Movies, Danno, Katherina, Kruzader, Beerlover

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