sabato 26 gennaio 2013

Champagne Showers Vol.1
by Bliss Records

..Disco, Funk, Groove, Sexy French House but most of all a lot of Effort, Passion and Love for Music.
All of this is "Champagne Showers Vol. 1" a compilation by Bliss Records born with the help of a large number of talented people to celebrate the first birthday of the Label. 
Well now, after the affectations, it's time to Party!..

 - Champagne Showers Vol.1 by Bliss Records - Free Download
feat. Agent Stereo | Umberto Lumber | Tinzaurus | Le Sorcier | Chickin' Dómine
Valoe | Revolvers Of Porno | Libano | DJ Las K | Beerlover | Random Beach
Houseman Monsterheadz | PROUX | RaFuuNka | Austin Groove
Vostok-1 | Le Crayon | Stupid Beats

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